Amber Wilkinson’s rapport fra San Sebastian

Amber Wilkinson i Eye For Film, nevner mye fint om «Sammen» i sin festivalrapport fra San Sebastian:

«Norwegian drama Together (Sammen) asks what happens when that tie is severed for good? Somehow, my presence for almost a week in Spain has managed to pay off, and I was able to watch it with only the Castillian subtitles and understand what was going on, although I realise you’re going to have to take my word for that.

Notable for its phenomenal central performances from Fridtjov Saheim and young actor Odin Waage in his first screen role, it tells the story of a family wracked by grief. Astutely, director Matias Armand Jordal begins his first feature film, not with tragedy but with an insight into the workings of this tightly knit family – Kristine (Evy Kasseth Rosten), Roger (Saheim) and Pal (Waage). By giving us a window into their everyday world, once tragedy strikes and Kristine is killed, the pattern of grief which follows is rendered all the more palpable. As Pal takes what might be considered an adult approach to his mother’s death, his father begins to have a mental tail-spin. In terms of plotting this is a simple story, but by keeping the narrative uncomplicated, Jordal is better able to more fully explore his characters’ emotions and to take us on their journey. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him.»

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